Тренинги для менеджеров и бизнесменов в Ереване

It is with great pleasure that we once again present to you the unique opportunity to acquaint with products and services of the companies operating in South Caucasus.

Actually this is one of the first and successful undertakings in regional cooperation and development in the sphere of information exchange over economic potentials of South Caucasian neighboring countries.

The idea of creating the “South Caucasian Export Catalog” rests on the perception that the further economic development of the region should be balanced and most favorable where our companies will be able not only to compete with one another but also to successfully offer their products in the markets of developed countries.

The project implementation and discussions of the concept with various companies incorporated in the Catalog as well as with public offices and international organizations instill strong hope that the “South Caucasian Export Catalog” is predestined to a long and interesting route.

Armenian Marketing Association Business Class Trans–Alliance JCA – Jewellery Company EliteGroup Аrtsakhbank Armswissbank EU-Georgia Business Council "Ziya Suvenir" LTD "Chudo Pechka" LLC "BISMAK Food Industry Complex" LLC State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) Social and Marketing Research Center "Embawood" LTD "Bank Standard" KB CJSC